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7 Positive Effects of Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle requires commitment and determination but it also comes with a lifetime reward. Practicing a healthy lifestyle help improves your overall health regardless of your age, sex or physical activities. I have heard many people complaining that living a healthy lifestyle will not help them with better health condition because they did not see any significant changes. Well, I would say that lifestyle is a process – a long-term process. It is more than just eating good foods and exercise, it is more than that.
In favor of those people who have doubts about living a healthy lifestyle, I decided to list down all the health benefits I can point out so that it can help motivate and assure them that they are doing the right thing for their health in the long run.
Healthy living gives you better immune system
The immune system is one of the most important aspects of your health. It protects your body against unwanted diseases. Include in your healthy diet foods like legumes, nuts, and seeds. These are food that is high in nutrients. Added to that, yogurt is also good for your body because it provides probiotic which is the “good” bacteria and will give you better immunity. Also, do not forget green tea and black tea. Based on the Colorado State University, it is beneficial to your immunity effects.
Healthy living gives you longer life
According to the study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, living a healthy lifestyle can decrease your chances of having cancer by 66%. Other than eating healthy diets such as veggies and fruits, you need to avoid eating sodium-filled foods, fats, saturated fats, artificial sugars and processed grains. Moreover, commit to a 30-minute exercise per day.
Healthy living gives you better energy, strength, and stamina
In order to make your overall body stronger, you need a regular exercise. It does not only benefit your physical strength but also your cardiovascular system which increases your muscle energy and provides better oxygen proficiently. Based on the Harvard Health Publications, a balanced diet, sufficient fluid in the body and drinking less amount of alcohol can help increase energy levels. So, if you always feel tired and restless, drink plenty of water instead of alcoholic drinks.
Healthy living gives you better mood
Having a stressful day? Or you need an emotional encouragement? Hit the gym for at least 30 minutes. Physical activity can help fuel most parts of the brain chemicals as a result leaves you feeling happier and stress-free. Furthermore, it can also enhance your physical appearances such as posture, skin, and personality and boost your self-confidence. If you are a smoker, consider stopping and replace it with a healthier habit. Smoking can make your skin dry to leave a bad smoke odor that sticks to your clothing.
Healthy living improves your weight
Whether you are thin or fat, you still need to observe a healthy lifestyle. Frequent exercise helps reduce weight and maintain it. You don’t have to starve yourself, as long as you are wise in your eating habit and lifestyle, you are good to go. If you do not have time for a gym workout, take chances to walk instead of driving or take stairs instead of the elevator.
Healthy living helps prevent diseases
A lifestyle that is filled with good health and fitness can lessen the risk of getting minor and major diseases. Common diseases include diabetes, heart disease, cancers, asthma, and osteoporosis. Living a healthy lifestyle also improves your bones which can help you prevent injuries and fall. Added to this, it can enhance mental health and reduce insomnia. You can obtain these benefits in the long run if you choose to commit to a healthier lifestyle.
Healthy living improves your relationship
Whether it is your social relationship with your friends or intimate relationship with your spouse, healthy living can help shape back your relationship with your loved ones. As far as the intimate relationship is a concern, healthy lifestyle such as regular exercises can enhance women’s arousal and lessen the risk of erectile dysfunction for men. So if you want to improve your performance in bed, the answer is simply having a regular exercise. Good luck!

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Best Health Advice for College Students

To keep up with healthy eating lifestyle in college is harder than trying to pass your final thermodynamic exam. For most college students, eating late night snacks, unhealthy college cafeterias, and other in-between sugary-filled snacks are common. We were all once college students and understand how important it is. Added to that, there are lots of activities that we need to keep up such as exams, term papers, thesis, social life, extracurricular activities and the like that keep us from eating the right food at the right time.
The real question is that did we continue the unhealthy eating lifestyle until now? And how can you avoid some of these common mistakes happen in your college years? If you are still in college, this is great news for you and you should keep on reading. However, if you are not then you can still apply these tips if it is by all means suitable for you.
Pretzels, chips, energy bars and crackers are a good choice of snacks if you need 100 packs of calories a day. Added to this, fruits and vegetables like salad are the best snacking choice for college students. I have met several students who opt for apple for their in-between snacks and they believe that you can never go wrong with apples. It is healthy and keeps them full throughout the day.
College life and socializing is the must-do thing during this time. However, one mistake college students did was make “meeting for lunch” a social activity. This could be dangerous since you will be unaware of what you are eating because you will spend most of your time talking and eat. Not only it will make shrink your wallet size, it will also expand your waist size. Instead, try looking for other get-together activities such as jogging, gym time or going to the beach. There are a lot of affordable activities you can think of and at the same time makes you healthier.
When exams are approaching, many students tend to indulge in coffees and lots of coffees to keep their eyes open. But based on Lara Rondinelli, a diabetes educator at Rush University told that caffeine is not good for the health even if they contain several vitamins, they are still not healthy. Instead of fueling your body with caffeine try switch to lean meats, veggies, fresh fruits, milk or yoghurt. Added to that, protein bars are also good alternatives for extra energy but do not over consume it because protein bars may still lack in some nutrients that your body needs to keep balance.
I know that most college students do not have time to prepare their own meal, how much more for breakfast. Whether you are staying at home or school dormitory, opt for healthier, cheaper way than eating outside. Be creative and prepare your own meal. Try to go out and visit your local grocery store, you can find plenty of healthy food suggestion good for one-month stocks and you will be surprised at how you can save more money comparing to eating out every day. You might want to check out Basmati rice which contains low carbs comparing to the brown and white rice.
There it is! College life is always associated with drinking hard, parties and hangover. However, you can still have fun without getting drunk. Alcohol contains lots of calories and can give you flabby belly in the long run. Always drink moderately, have fun and at the same time taking care of your health. Drink plenty of water as well because it can help you increase concentration and makes you hydrated.
When you are stress or homesick it is easy to find comfort in foods but the truth is eating to ease your stress will not help you get away with it. You are only making your situation worst by adding more pounds to your body. Instead, take a break or get out and have a short, peaceful walk and unwind yourself. Do some meditation so that you can relax your mind from the pressure. Walk at least 30 minutes a day and see changes in yourself.
Prevention is better than cure. If you noticed something different is happening in your body, do not wait until it gets worst. Consult your doctor and have a thorough medical checkup and ever year. If you have questions, you should approach any physician or your university health center and ask for advice and what can they recommend. There is nothing wrong in asking a question especially when it comes to your health. You might not be aware of the increase of blood sugar in your body or changes in your health condition. That is why it is important to ask health advice to one who knows better – the doctors.

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How to Get a Good Night Sleep

Having a good night sleep is as easy as changing your daily routine and lifestyle choices. Maybe you have tried to cut down your caffeine intake, setting a dark and cozy room or stop watching horror movies but still could not get a good night sleep. Perhaps you are not aware of some habits that interrupt your sleep. Do not worry! Everyone experienced the same thing as you. Therefore, I have prepared the following tips to help you get better sleep each night and be productive and energized throughout the day.
#1 Sleep at the same time every night.
One factor that will give you a hard time to get a good night sleep is having a different timeframe when each night when you go to sleep. Staying on track is important for your body to adjust to your sleeping routine. Choose a time where you are tired and make it a daily habit. Although it may be tempting to stay awake at night to watch your favorite movie, make health your priority and as time goes by you will eventually get used to it.
#2 Wake up at the same time.
If you sleep at a certain time each night, make sure you are awake at the same time in the morning. If you practice this healthy habit, your body will get used to it and you do not even have to set an alarm clock in the morning. Try not to break the routine and maintain your wake time even if you feel sleepy, you can always get a short nap during the afternoon.
#3 Cut the alcohol.
For goodness’ sake, alcohol is never good for your health especially when it comes to sleeping. Although some believe that drinking alcohol can help you get better sleep at night, you will more likely to wake up every few hours which will give you headaches for having a troubled sleep.
#4 Exercise every day.
Regular exercise, whether it is intense or mild, gives you better sleep at night according to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2013 Sleep in America survey. Exercise or involve in any physical activity at least 30 minutes a day. This can make a great difference in your lifestyle habit. Note: avoid having an intense exercise few hours before going to bed.
#5 Do not eat heavy meals few hours before bedtime.
Eating heavy meals few hours before going to bed will make your stomach work overtime. Your body is not meant for digesting while you sleep and by doing so, it will keep you awake all night and probably give you stomach ache especially if you eat food that is high in protein because protein is hard to digest. If you want to fill your stomach before bed, make sure it is lighter food and easy to digest.
#6 Try out some scented aromatherapy.
According to study in 2008, the Wall Street Journal reported that lavender scent helps many women with insomnia problem to fall asleep easily. Since then, the scent of lavender has been known as beneficial for sleep. Some people also sniff the lavender scent before going to sleep.
#7 Do not stress about getting your sleep.
The more stress you are about sleep the harder it will be for you to sleep. Trust me! Been there done that. Instead, take some time to imagine about something calm and relaxing. Most of the time, this relaxation method can slow down the brain wave activity and induce you to sleep.
#8 Try a new type of pillow.
Perhaps you are not aware that pillows can sometime give you a hard time to sleep. Your pillow may have accumulated dust that you are unaware of thus triggering your allergic reaction. According to experts, pillows should be replaced every 12 to 18 months to give you better sleep.
#9 Save your bed for sleep and sex only.
Try to list down all other things that you do in bed, let me try: eating, reading, playing, working (maybe?). I admit sometimes I committed this crime. Doing other activities in bed other than sleeping or sex can only distract your sleeping mood if you are in bed. Take your reading habit to your comfy couch and working to your work space. This will make it easier for you to adjust to every space in your house.
#0 Make your bed comfortable.
I am not just referring to your sheets, blankets and pillow but also anything in-between such as sleeping with your pet or teddy bears. Some people banned their pet from bed, but if you feel comfortable and safe that way. Do not hesitate to do it. I have known some people who live alone in their apartment said that they prefer to sleep with their pets because it made them feel safer and comfortable at night. What about you? Find what makes you comfortable sleeping at night.

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